And we’re off!

And we’re off!

It seems strange, really, to start a three-week vacaton from the back parking lot of Cozy Diner, but that’s just what I did yesterday because that’s where the shuttle to Sacramento Airport does its pickups in our community. Mark and I kissed and said our goodbyes (for almost three weeks!) in sight of diners pouring maple syrup over their pancakes. How romantic, huh?

It must have been a great day for travel because the shuttle was full by the time it left Cozy Diner. I tried to get a conversation with fellow travellers going to no avail. All 11 of us traveled the 90 miles with less than that many words between us. It was rather like being in a mobile morgue, hurtling down the highway at 65 mph: very still bodies, very quiet and very cold from a highly-effective air conditioner.

A flight to Southern California, some time with family, a night of no sleep (too excited, I think) and Mom and I headed to Los Angeles International Airport. Yep, we got there early, but it’s far more relaxing to sit and wait from the post-security side of things.

 I really like looking at all the people. And the carryon luggage! “Gear” is always fun for me, no matter what the hobby. I don’t need a lot of it, but I do like to research gear to find out what people like, what works well and all the details of it. Watching travelers carry, pull and push (sometimes all three for one passenger!) their carry-on pieces intrigues me. Are the polycarbonate shell units that much lighter? Is it comfortable over the long haul to push those “wheelie” pieces with four wheels? How heavy is “too heavy” for a cross-body bag? See, I told you earlier I like airports; and, frankly, while I’m in the minority, I truly think there are others like me (but maybe they’re not admitting it!).

But now the so-efficient Lufthansa gate agent has announded boarding so I’m getting ready for the next part of this adventure: a first-leg air journey of 11 hours, 20 minutes. Oh boy (no, no sacrcasm here; certainly not)!


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  1. Ellen says:

    I loved your article! I too am am an airport watcher Not only do I love to check out the luggage (by the way, can’t believe you are only traveling with one piece of luggage each). But I like to see what everyone has chosen to wear especially for long flights. Hope the ride over goes well.

  2. Patricia says:

    Great!! You had me giggling myself silly!! What fun in the mobile morgue! At least it wasn’t hot! Did you and your Mom dare to whisper a bit?

    Lufthansa is a great airline: hope it is as good a flight as that long a one can be!

    Looking forward to every word you write!

  3. Azulann says:

    I love waiting in an airport. I always get there very early. I love people watching and every person at the gate area has a story to tell. And oftentimes,you can read their story without words .

  4. Susan says:

    I am really looking forward to this adventure with you in “real time” as I stumbled across the river trip way after it had happened. But that was ok because we had already done a European water ways trip before … September of 2011. Definitely one we won’t forget due to many reasons.

    But your latest trip intrigues me as this is something we will very likely do in the next couple of years. Wishing you safe travels and many hours of joy with your explorations.

  5. Linda says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing about the same things, especially those hard-shelled 4-wheel jobs. I still haven’t found anything lighter that conforms to European carry-on rules than Rick Steve’s dorky rolling backpack. (And ask me about my lightweight nylon Baggelini cross-body wallet that comfortably holds credit cards, cash, passport, Chapstick, comb, Kleenex, AND my ginormous iPhone 6 Plus!) I’m a total travel clothing/gear geek. You both look great. Btw, your mom’s jacket is the bomb and is that an activity tracker I see on her wrist?

  6. Bob Scherago says:

    I assume you are there now. . . we leave on June 26.

    Our friends Dick and Judy Robison are on board right now – I’m guessing they’re on the ship with you. Look them up and tell them hi from Pat and Bob.

  7. Lol I have finally figured out how to find you now!!!!!It only took a few days!!!!Love what you have written so far!!

  8. Ruth says:

    You packed well – good job! I love the wheelie suitcases and finally splurged on one for our upcoming trip. Of course, I hear they don’t all that well on cobblestones, and there are tons of those in Europe!

    Just hope you have a tiny carryon in that suitcase, as you’ll need to pack your bags and put them out the night before you leave the ship. You don’t want to be carrying your pajamas and toiletries in your small cross-body purse!

    Hope your flights were good. We’ll be on Lufthansa too – good airline, and Frankfurt was painless when we were there before. Sure beats London and Paris. Iceland’s airport is interesting, though – no restaurants, just packaged sandwiches when we were there, jammed pack (I sat on the floor), and they don’t speak as great English there. My friend was told our flight was delayed due to “disruption” in the airport. It turned out to be “congestion” because it was so crowded that people couldn’t get through to the gate! Isn’t life an adventure? I love traveling.

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