Do this on the first or second day…

Do this on the first or second day…

Doing a Viking Ocean cruise?

Here are two things to do on your first or second days:

  1. Go down to the Explorer’s Desk on the first floor and have your “automatic” gratuity amount removed from your preferences on your account. This leaves you free to select the amount of your gratuity at the end of your trip. Note that this does not include the lounges/bars; those have a default 20 percent gratuity that cannot be changed. (edited June 6 for clarity–‘sorry!)
  2. Just past the Explorer’s Desk area is a tall shelving area. On the first day of the cruise, the port maps for all of the cities on your itinerary are set out. It seems that subsequent days only feature that day’s port maps. If you snag ’em all on the first day you don’t have to worry that they’ll run out later on (which I’d heard they do).

Note: The line at the desk can be long because it seems like the only place to have a myriad of questions answered–from room features (don’t even try calling Housekeeping; they never answer) to credit on your account. If you see it short, take the time right now to get your questions answered.

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