Yay for me! I’ve now worn *every* pair of shoes I packed

Yay for me! I’ve now worn *every* pair of shoes I packed

I cringe when I arrive back home from a trip and unpack things I haven’t worn or used. I like to pack comfortably but light, not carrying more than I need (and it leaves more room for cute sweaters to buy in Norway, Estonia or wherever!).

That’s why I’m celebrating today.

I looked in the closet this morning and it was a celebration: I realized I’ve now worn every single pair of shoes I packed at least once. 

You may recall that I vacillated whether I should bring a pair of low-heeled sandals (I did) as well as my running shoes and exercise gear (I brought those, too).

And, thanks to a great “sea day” yesterday (read about it here soon, wink, wink), I can proudly state all shoes have now been worn and therefore I get an “A” for that packing category.

Packing update: I forgot to put my total luggage weight on the packing blog entry. Including my suitcase, total weight was 34.2 pounds when we left Los Angeles International Airport. I think I deserve another star.

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  1. Patricia says:

    You do deserve another star: shoes are really hard to leave at home. I like to think they get lonely if you don’t take them all with you!

    Looking forward to reading about how the seas have obviously calmed down!

  2. Princess Di says:

    Hi, Ukalady,
    I lived on Oahu for a year in 1972. Lovely HI. I, too, always have too many shoes! I am trying so hard to reform my packing and plan on only one checked bag weighing 40 pounds, to leave space & weight for souvenirs on the Viking Var in November on the Rhine. After 43 Ocean voyages, this is my first River Cruise.
    I am planning on 3 pair: one Teva running shoe (to wear on the airplane), one dress Teva sandal (for evening), and another sandal for walking. I will take 3 or 4 pair of compression socks.
    I am loving your blog. Thanks for your time and trouble!

  3. Mary Frances says:

    How do you do that!?! Five pair of shoes and the whole thing only weighs 34 pounds? No matter how hard I try, I always hit 49 pounds and hold my breath when I check in my luggage. Good for you….yes, it’s impowering to wear everything you bring, you feel on top of everything. And you mentioned somewhere “putting on your face” so you brought makeup also. You did a great job!!

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