A bit of an explanation…

A bit of an explanation…

Yep, I’ve been “gone” from posting for awhile. Thank you to all for your emailed concern and puzzlement.

Two reasons for this:


After several days on board the Star and visiting ports, I simply decided to take lots of notes each evening but not spend the hour or so each post required for formatting/photo processing.

In short, I decided to experience the cruise rather than spend all my time writing about it at the time. I do however have outlines of all the articles and will be posting them in the next weeks.


I returned home to a couple of medical crises and just didn’t have the time to write immediately.

Mom was diagnosed with double pneumonia on Thursday morning; on our long flight home on Monday she’d said she wasn’t feeling so great. The pneumonia came on quickly for her (probably because she was pretty worn out from so many adventures) and we were both glad she was back home with her own doctor before she became ill. (Yes, she’s doing just fine now, thanks for asking).

The second crisis hasn’t fully resolved yet, and may not for a while.

Regardless, both of these had me staying in Southern California almost a full week longer than I’d planned. Just imagine returning to office, clients and projects after four weeks. How do you say, “Egads!” in Norwegian?

Thanks for sticking with me through the quiet hiatus. I’m on a roll now so you should see lots more posts, details about the itinerary, my evaluation of the Star, a comparison of river and ocean cruising and more! I’m just finishing putting together the posts for St. Petersburg as well as one on cruising during the “White Nights.”

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