Traveling the Baltic Sea during “White Nights”

Traveling the Baltic Sea during “White Nights”

As a tourist, it was disconcerting to ply the waters of the Baltic Sea during White Nights (the time period around the summer solstice when nights are short and the skies are lit in a milky glow).

Not only were the days so long (giving us more time to see the sights) but the nights never really became dark.

Mom and I always sleep with our drapes and blinds open (much easier on the ship than on the river cruise last year when open blinds meant strong lights shining in during every lock passage—and there were a lot of them!).

But, even after eating a late dinner (it just didn’t “feel” like dinner time earlier with the sun so high in the sky) and sampling the ship’s nightly entertainment, heading to bed in what seemed like full daylight was odd. I rather felt like I was a youngster being sent to bed early (but definitely not without supper; my post-trip visit to the scales confirmed that). Note: The drapes on the Star, while not lightproof, are definitely room darkening, so you don’t have to worry about eyeshades if you keep the drapes drawn.

sunset TalinnMore than once, Mom or I would tumble out of bed in what our clock told us was “the middle of the night” only to see those well-lit skies outside our veranda. We were traveling during a full moon and never even noticed the white orb—the sky was that light.

But don’t count on sleeping in much, either. Dawn broke early and even I, not an early bird by any description, sometimes found it hard to stay abed when the new day was so obviously a borning and ready for new adventures.

That’s okay; there’d be plenty of time for sleeping—when we get back home!

5 Responses to Traveling the Baltic Sea during “White Nights”

  1. Marla says:

    that would have been so cool to see, Gary and I love to watch the sunsets here and we also enjoy coffee in the early light of the morning… I fear we wouldn’t have gotten much sleep at all had we been along

  2. Janet says:

    Great description…we’ll be seeing it soon for ourselves. Thanks for the comment about the drapes, I think I’ll bring some clips to make sure they are really closed,
    keeping out that light until we hit the floor the next morning.

  3. Karen Baker says:

    Your sunset picture is gorgeous! I too would find it difficult to sleep at midnight if the sun is shining….it would be hard to convince my brain it was bed time 😀

  4. kawh says:

    don’t stop! don’t stop! got here from your fodor’s post and just loving it!!!

    • ukalady says:

      You know I’d kind of wondered if I should keep going on this blog or not. I have multiple posts outlined and the photos and I wasn’t certain if they’d just be too out of date at this point. What do you think?

      Thanks for your encouragement!

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